Top 10 HR Services Business Managers Expect From HR Managers

I find it very encouraging to work along with business heads and introduce initiatives that help the business head function better and also witness positive impacts towards target achievement.

Whether it is about increasing team productivity, employee retention or any other people related assignments, the scope of HR contribution is immense. In today’s dynamic business scenario, the partnership of HR and Business holds the key to sustainability of the organization. HR can spearhead the people- agenda for the organization and help the organization cope with changing and challenging times.

What is most fulfilling as an HR Professional, is, to see the appetite of HR services increasing in the organization. It is like, you roll out one intervention and it is acknowledged as an impacting one and the business heads starts looking out for more. I have had business leaders come up to me and say, “Your recruitment dashboard is highly useful for us to track status, can you help us manage a dashboard on employee attrition”.

While it is HR Manager’s responsibility to create the need for HR it is also Business Heads’ responsibility to ask for what is necessary for HR to deliver to foster business growth.

Based on my experiences so far, below mentioned are the top 10 HR Services, Business Managers expect from their HR Counterparts:

1. Understand the Business Environment

2. Anticipate People Challenges in the business

3. Regular exchange of feedback on insights of the team

4. Market Intelligence of competition, best practices in other related organization

5. Share dashboards with relevant data

6. Conduct reviews with different sets of people in the business teams to gauge HR effectiveness

7. Chair Open Houses with employees at large and create listening posts for employees

8. Collate independent feedback about business leadership and feed them back as necessary

9. Be proactive in talent acquisition, work like a business partner

10. Build strong relationships with the teams at large

There are various other services that the Business Managers/Business Heads expect from HR Managers to take the partnership to the next level and make an impact in the business scenario. So, keep these top 10 HR services in mind and earn your brownies from the Business Heads.

Remember to keep your ears closer to the ground for proactive HR services and pay attention to the needs of the business. After all, it is imperative to offer Effective HR Services and aim for HR Effectiveness to win accolades as an HR Manager.